Visiting Batu Basurek

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Batu Basurek is a stone with inscriptions in the old Palava script of India, bearing the legend of Adityawarman in the year 1347. Literally, “Batu Basurek” means “The Written Stone”.

The stone’s 25 cm wide, 80 cm high, and 10 cm thick. Erected above King Adityawarman’s resting place centuries ago, this stone was rediscovered in December 16th, 1880.

The inscription told about Adityawarman’s heritages. Due to his services to Majapahit Kingdom, Adityawarman became a king in Dharmasraya and moved his kingdom from Siguntur Sawahlunto to Pagaruyung.

Access to Batu Basurek:

Batu Basurek lies about 4 kilometer from Batusangkar the capital of Tanah Datar regency, in the West Sumatra Province. To reach Batusangkar, first you need to go to Padang, the capital of West Sumatra. There are direct flights to Padang from Jakarta, Medan, or Batam. You can find a travel agent in Padang to arrange a trip to Batusurek.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia

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