Visiting Anamblas Islands

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The Anambas Islands are located between Singapore and the Natuna islands in the South China Sea. Earlier the islands were better known as a base for off shore oil drilling and natural gas explorations,but today Anambas has gained popularity among divers on account of  its pristine corals and azure seas where whalesharks may suddenly appear. The islands are easiest accessible by live-aboards from Singapore and Malaysia.

Anambas is the latest district in the province of the Riau Archipelago.  Best-known sites are the underwater reefs of Tokong Berlayar, the Malang Biru island which has steep slopes, the Katoaka reef, and the Seven Skies wreck.

There are also small local fishing villages on Anambas, waterfalls, and beautiful natural surrounding


By Air:
Anambas is served only by Riau Airlines which flies to  Pulau Matak, “gateway” of the Anambas Islands . This airline operates thrice weekly Fokker-50 flights from Tanjung Pinang’s Kijang Airfield on the Island of Bintan. Bintan is connected by hourly fast ferry from Singapore. If you leave from Singapore at 07 AM by boat to Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, you are able to connect to the Riau Airlines flight which brings you on the ground in Matak Airfield at 1200 Noon. The airport, owned by ConocoPhilips for offshore drilling and natural gas explorations, also serves as a domestic terminal .It has a 1,200 meter runway and is beautifully located by a shallow lagoon.

By Boat:
Best is to travel to and around Anambas by yacht or live-aboard from Singapore, Batam or Bintan.
Twice a month the Pelni shipping lines has a ferry, the KM Bukit Raya that calls on Kota Tarempa (the Archipelago’s capital “City”) on Siantan Island. You can catch it from the Tanjung Priok harbour in Jakarta, Capital of Indonesia. Sailing times are prone to delays. This boat also delivers almost all the necessary goods to the Islands.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic Indonesia

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