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Ready to Go to Goa Putri

Planning to go on a tour or travelling, we definitely want a smooth trip, comfortable accommodation, cheap hotels, good food, cheap plane tickets, close to everywhere, and can rent a motorbike or car.


In Goa Putri, there is natural beauty and unique culture of the local community. There are many uniqueness, starting from the village (desa), sub-district (kecamatan), district (kabupaten) and provincial levels.

In Indonesia, each province has different and interesting characteristics. Each province has a different and unique culture and lifestyle.

Goa Putri (literally means Princess Cave) is a leading tourist destination in South Sumatra province.  It is located 230 kilometers from Palembang, or 35 kilometers from Baturaja, the capital city of Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU).

This cave is located about one kilometer south of Sumatra trans road connecting Baturaja and Muara Enim.

The government is taking good care of the preservation of nature and maintaining the condition of the forest.

The environment is also well maintained.


Visiting Goa Putri, we will witness routine community activities in unique traditional cultures. And there are special dishes and food as part of culinary tours that are delicious and yummy.

The cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites are deposits of calcium carbonate which hang from the ceiling and can be found in limestone caves.

Stalagmites are icicle shaped rocks facing upward which can be found on cave floors.  In Goa Putri, stalactites and stalagmites meet to form pillars.

This cave also has a pond fed from the caves waters which originate from the Semuhun River, which empties itself into the Ogan River.

The pond makes this 20 meter wide and 160 meter long cave more beautiful.  In some parts of the cave are wide stones where you can sit and sleep.  The cave is dark although some 5 watt lamps are installed in various locations.  This dim light gives the cave a very magical feel.

To enjoy Goa Putri, visitors must pay Rp 5,000 (50 cents US) per person and Rp.10,000 (1 US Dollar) for parking.

This amazing cave is famous for its stalactites and stalagmites.  Visitors can enjoy this scenery while sitting on the rocks and taking pictures.

Please don’t forget to wash your face at the pond of Prince Dayang Merindu.  Local inhabitants believe that those who wash their faces in the pond while praying, will have their prayers come true.

In this place there are also regular events or activities held every year, both national and international.


The journey to Goa Putri  is now very easy. We can enter through various modes of transportation.

Upon your arrival at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II airport in Palembang, you can take a rented car to Goa Putri, 230 kilometers away.  If you wish to take public transportation, you can take a bus going to Baturaja from Palembang bus station.

From Baturaja to Goa Putri, several forms of public transportation plying the Baturaja – Muara Enim route are available.  Public transportation in South Sumatra usually operates based on when the markets in the city are crowded.

You can walk through a steep and slippery path for about 200 meters.  Most of this area is still closed to visitors due to dangerous and dark paths that are usually occupied by bats which you will hear when entering this cave.

The condition of the infrastructure is getting better. Starting from highways, airports, trails, ports, bridges, stairs, even some places can be reached by toll roads.

We can visit by plane, car, ship, bus, motorcycle and bicycle. At some point, we can take the train. We can also walk freely.


In Goa Putri, as technology getting better. We can easily find locations for mini markets, shops (warung kedai), Money Changer, ATMs, Bank BRI BCA BNI Mandiri, BTPN Bank Nagari BJB, supermarkets, and restaurants. So we will not starve or lack the necessary items.

If you are sick and need help, you can also visit clinics, drugstore pharmacies (apotek), practice doctors, hospitals, and health centers (puskesmas).

In this place we can also look for places of worship such as mosques, churches, and others.


Finding place to stay in Goa Putri is very easy. We can stay at home stays, hotels, inns, hostels and other places.

To get lodging at a cheap and definitely comfortable price, please see below:

Experience and Reviews

There are already many visitors have visited Goa Putri, there are many interesting stories that are told. Like feeling satisfied, happy, wanting to come again, sleep well, and almost no one is disappointed or complains to come here.

So, visitors will find out on how to find the best hotels, where is exactly located, why it is amazing, how much is the fare and rate, who are the people, whom to ask, and when is the best time to visit.

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That’s all the information we provided, hopefully useful.

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