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Ready to Go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta

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In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, there is natural beauty and unique culture of the local community. There are many uniqueness, starting from the village (desa), sub-district (kecamatan), district (kabupaten) and provincial levels.

In Indonesia, each province has different and interesting characteristics. Each province has a different and unique culture and lifestyle.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park is an extensive culture-based park, the prime showcase of Indonesia’s rich cultural and natural diversity located in East Jakarta.

Popularly known as Taman Mini, the core of the Park are 26 exclusive replicas of traditional houses of chieftains found throughout the Indonesian archipelago from Aceh to Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Papua.

These are pavilions displaying the history, arts and crafts and traditions of each of the provinces.  Built for education and family fun, Taman Mini has large areas for family recreation, a number of flora and fauna parks, various museums, performing theaters, an Imax theater and accommodation facilities.

To further express Indonesia’s tolerance and peaceful coexistence among the different religions in the archipelago here stand in a row the different houses of worship that are still actively used:  a mosque, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a Catholic church and a Protestant church.

Nearby is a large lake with islands in the shapes of the original Indonesian archipelago. From the sky lift that passes over the lake visitors can see clearly the entire map of Indonesia in the lake.

Taman Mini is the brainchild of the late Ibu Tien Soeharto, former Indonesian First Lady.  Construction of Taman Mini began in 1971 and it was officially inaugurated on April 20, 1975.

The Park has as chief mission the preservation and development of the various Indonesian cultures as a media to strengthen the nation’s unity and integrity and to instill these values especially in the young generation.

For visitors who have little time to explore the Indonesian islands, Taman Mini is a good introduction to what this country has to offer in diversity and culture.

During weekends and holidays Taman Mini is an ideal theme park for families to become more acquainted with other regional cultures.

The larger part of the Park is taken up by the more twenty six pavilions, representative of the architecture of each of Indonesia’s provinces at the time. Indonesia now has 33 provinces.

The government is taking good care of the preservation of nature and maintaining the condition of the forest.

The environment is also well maintained.


Visiting Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, we will witness routine community activities in unique traditional cultures. And there are special dishes and food as part of culinary tours that are delicious and yummy.

Here visitors can at a glance view the exceptional breadth and full range of regional architecture in the Indonesian archipelago, where pavilion presents at least three typical examples of each regional style.

Here one can admire and study within one Park the architecture and design of, for example a ‘Bagonjong’ house of the Ranah Minang from West Sumatra.

A ‘Lamin’ longhouse of the Dayak who live deep in the interior of East Kalimantan, a ‘Tongkongan’ rice storage from Tana Toraja in the highlands of South Sulawesi, a traditional Batak `Bolon` house from Lake Toba in North Sumatra; or a ‘Joglo’ pavilion from Central Java.

Other interesting attractions in the Park include:

For  toddlers and the little kids is the Istana Anak-anak, or the Indonesian Children’s Castle, featuring fairy tales from various parts of Indonesia as well as other tales known universally, there is an amusement park for kids and Swan boats to explore the Indonesian Archipelago on the lake.

While for older children and adults are the Imax Theatre at Keong Emas, a stage for musical performances, and the Snowy Bay, the latest water recreation park.

Here are also museums dedicated to rare animals in the Komodo museum, the Asmat museum, a Sports museum, and a museum displaying gifts received by President Soeharto during his thirty years leadership.

For nature lovers, there are the orchid gardens, cacti, herbs, and flower gardens, and there is also a Birds Park.

The “Teater Tanah Airku” is the first theatre in Indonesia equipped with state-of-the art technology. The”Teater Tanah Airku” is a blend between the typical Indonesian and international aesthetics.

Indonesian ornaments include the ‘gunungan’ (mountains), elements from Javanese puppet shows, the roof shapes of Sumatra and Sulawesi, with a touch of Kalimantan Dayak style, all harmoniously arranged.

Combine this with modern sound and lighting effects and the complete stage equipment of a state of the-art theatre and you have a dramatic experience that will be long remembered.

In this place there are also regular events or activities held every year, both national and international.


The journey to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta is now very easy. We can enter through various modes of transportation.

Access to go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta:

Taman Mini  is about 25 kilometers from Central Jakarta or some five kilometers from the Halim Perdana Kusuma airport reachable via the Jakarta toll road.

It is reachable by public transportation or taxi. Rent a car for a more comfortable journey.

By public transportation:

  • Metro Mini T. 45 (Pulogadung-PT.II TMII)
  • Angkot KWK S. 15 A (Ragunan – PT. II TMII)
  • Angkot KWK T. 01 (Cililitan – Bambu Apus)
  • Angkot KWK T. 02 (Cililitan – Cipayung)
  • Angkot KWK T. 05 (Cililitan – Setu)
  • Angkot KWK P. 15 (Cililitan – Cilangkap)
  • Angkot KWK K. 40 (Bekasi-Kmp. Rambutan)
  • Angkot KWK S. 19 (Depok – Pinang Ranti)
  • Bus Gandeng PPD BT. 03 (Grogol – TMII)

Taman Mini has various types of transportation to take you through and around these extensive grounds. They include the Aeromovel fast train, a Sky lift, and shuttle buses.

The condition of the infrastructure is getting better. Starting from highways, airports, trails, ports, bridges, stairs, even some places can be reached by toll roads.

We can visit by plane, car, ship, bus, motorcycle and bicycle. At some point, we can take the train. We can also walk freely.


In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, as technology getting better. We can easily find locations for mini markets, shops (warung kedai), Money Changer, ATMs, Bank BRI BCA BNI Mandiri, BTPN Bank Nagari BJB, supermarkets, and restaurants. So we will not starve or lack the necessary items.

If you are sick and need help, you can also visit clinics, drugstore pharmacies (apotek), practice doctors, hospitals, and health centers (puskesmas).

In this place we can also look for places of worship such as mosques, churches, and others.


Finding place to stay in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta is very easy. We can stay at home stays, hotels, inns, hostels and other places.

To get lodging at a cheap and definitely comfortable price, please see below:

Experience and Reviews

There are already many visitors have visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta, there are many interesting stories that are told. Like feeling satisfied, happy, wanting to come again, sleep well, and almost no one is disappointed or complains to come here.

So, visitors will find out on how to find the best hotels, where is exactly located, why it is amazing, how much is the fare and rate, who are the people, whom to ask, and when is the best time to visit.

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