Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung (which means Lampung harbor) is the capital of Lampung province. It was formerly called Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung, the names of the two major sections of the city, before being renamed in 1983.

For travelers from Java island, the city is the entry point to Sumatra, especially before the construction of the major harbor at Bakauheni, just south of Bandar Lampung. Bandar Lampung is served by the Radin Inten II Airport, a domestic airport with flights to Jakarta located northwesterly of the city.

The city’s area is about 169.21 km², with a population of approximately 881,801 people.

Bandar Lampung has several road transportation alternatives. The most popular alternative is a minibus called angkot (Angkutan Kota) which means  City Transportation. They serve certain routes throughout the city, operated privately and cheap. Usually, an angkot covers some area between Tanjung Karang (heart of Bandar Lampung) and an urban area. Currently, routes covered are Tanjung Karang – Garuntang, Tanjung Karang – Teluk Betung, Tanjung Karang – Rajabasa, Tanjung Karang – Sukarame, Tanjung Karang – Langkapura and many more.

Bandarlampung Transportation Office has announced that in October 2011 will serve 2 routes from 7 routes planned by Bus Rapid Transit – the Rajabasa-Sukaraja and Sukaraja-Korpri housing complex in Sukarame.

Bandarlampung has many tourist attractions such as:

  • Pantai Hiburan Wisata which  located on Jl. Laks. Martadinata approximately 5 KM from the City Telukbetung westward. With the beautiful panorama and the availability of huts along the beach.
  • Rumah Adat Lampung Olok Gading, is the Lampung Coastal Traditional House located at Negeri Olok Gading Kecamatan Telukbetung Barat
  • Pantai Hiburan Tirtayasa,  located at Jl. Laksamana R.E Martadinatan Lempasing Telukbetung Barat.
  • Air Terjun Sukadana Ham (Sukadana Ham waterfall)  located in Kelurahan  Sukadana Ham  on a green mountain valley, there is a beautiful and fresh air around the waterfall that has a height of approximately 10 meters.
  • Taman Wisata Batu Putuk.

Source: The Government of Lampung Province and Wikipedia