Tolire Lake

Tolire Lake : A Walk to Remember in Maluku

Long time ago, in a small village, a father impregnated his own daughter and causing God fury. God cursed the father and his daughter-the form of big Tolire Lake reflected the fathers figure and the Small Tolire Lake reflected his daughter. Other myth about the lake, local people believe that the lake is the house for many invisible crocodiles.

Tolire lake covered 5 acre and 50 m depth located 10 km from the main city, Ternate and reachable by bus or Ojeg (rented bike) depend on the mode of travel (if you manage your travel individually/couple, you better take ojeg, otherwise, for those who wish to travel in a group, hiring bus would be perfect). Tolire lake stated in the deep crater of Mount Gamalama, the highest mountain in North Maluku with highest peak is 1715 m above sea level.

The relaxing and oozing view of Gamalama mountain, the crystal clear water of the lake, the luscious green view of the forest, the enchanting sounds of chirping birds and the lovely smile of Ternates people, all bounding together make this place glowing with beauties.

After an extraordinary experience at Gamalama Mountain and Tolire Lake, dont forget to visit other places of interest which located near by the lake. Make sure you dont miss these:

  • Small Tolire Lake
  • Ngade lake
  • Sultan Baabullahs grave
  • Old forts as the legacy of Portuguese
  • Sulamadaha Beach
  • Gamalama market
  • If you are not tired enough, found your self in Saturday night pub crawl and count 1-2-3 step for the POCO-POCO (line dancing focused on food-step)


Lot of eager visitors questioned this simple-easy-issue. Dont worry, all you have to do is prepare your packs and then take flights.

  • From Jakarta¬†Soekarno-Hatta Airport flight toward Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar (it takes you 3.45 hours). Dont forget to have SARABA in the airport (SARABA is local beverage)
  • Take 30 minutes flight from Hasanuddin Airport Makassar to Sultan Baabullah Airport, Ternate.
  • You are getting close to Tolire Lake and Gamalama Mountain. Be patient during 10 km trip by hired-bus (US$28, rate subjected to US$1=Rp. 9019,- January 10th, 2007).
  • For individual traveler, use ojeg (rented bike drives by owner), costs Rp. 10.000,-/hours

You can acces the lake using hired bus if you wish to travel in a group, while “ojeg” will be the perfect choice for individual traveller.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic Indonesia

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