Located in the heart of Central Java, Wonosobo is in a picturesque mountain landscape with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. The cool mountain air here provides a refreshing break from the heat and the impressive mountain terrain provides a perfect backdrop to relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere.

Although it is only driving distance from Yogya, Solo and Semarang, once you get to Wonosobo you will feel like you’ve been transported to another world, where the pace of life is slower and the crowds and heat of the city can be long forgotten. From Semarang, Wonosobo is a stop made by cruise passengers before proceeding to Borobudur.

The mountains surrounding Wonosobo provide spectacular views. To the east of the region lie the majestic mountains of Gunung Sumbing and Gunung Sindoro, both dormant volcanoes. To the North is Gunung Perahu and to the West lies the Kulon mountains.  Water is also a natural feature of this place as the Serayu river flows through the region.

In the centre of town is the alun-alun or square. With its old columned pavilions and banyan trees this is a scenic spot to sit and watch the world go by.

Only 25km from Wonosobo is the majestic Dieng Plateau, site of the cluster of ancient Hindu temples set among spectacular landscape.  Many travelers use Wonosobo as a base to visit Dieng.

There are many exotic natural wonders to explore and trek in the area around Wonosobo. The magnificent mountain scenery provides a beautiful landscape with mountains covered in tea, tobacco and vegetable plantations. This is the perfect place to have an adventure.

Fifteen kilometers east of Wonosobo is Surodilogo, a natural spring which many believe holds holy water.

Kalianget is a hot spring swimming pool where you can relax and feel the health benefits from a dip in the hot water. This is located only three kilometers north of Wonosobo.

For people who enjoy adventure and don’t mind a squeeze, there are a number of caves to explore just near the town. Take the opportunity to squeeze into tight spaces and see incredible rock formations that have taken centuries to form.

The lake of Telaga Manyer is a popular spot for picnics and a place where many locals go to relax. At around 54 meters deep, this lake is enormous. Surrounded by lush green mountains, this is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and let all your troubles melt away.

Other impressive lakes in this region include:

  • Telaga Warna (Colored lake) a fascinating turquoise lake from bubbling sulphur deposits
  • Telaga Pengilon (Mirror lake)
  • The Jalatunda well which has a 100 m deep hole plunging into bright green waters.


Wonosobo is driving distance from Yogya, Solo and Semarang. From any of these cities a car and driver can be organized through any major hotel that will be able to take you to Wonosobo.

Public buses travel between Wonosobo and Yogya and  Solo. These buses depart and arrive from the Wonosobo bus terminal located just outside of town. You can catch an angkot from the terminal into the town centre.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic Indonesia

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