Siberut Island in the Province of West Sumatra is separated from the mainland by the Mentawai Strait, at a distance […]

Pagaruyung Palace is also called Istano Basa Pagaruyuang. This palace was the center of the kingdom of Minangkabau. The building of this palace is very unique, because all poles are tilted. In fact very strong and […]

The town of Bukittinggi (literally means high hill) is West Sumatra’s cultural center. This town is nestled in the highlands north […]

It is not one but two highland lakes which are the main attractions here. The Lakes of Danau Diatas (Lake […]

The-Harau Valley Green Ricefields and Waterfalls Tumbling Down Steep Cliffs A relaxing one-hour drive from the bustling market of Bukittinggi in the province […]

Sawahlunto: Historic Coal Mining Town, and Silungkang Gold Songket Sarongs After an hour’s drive from the city of Padang to its northeastern […]

Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve. Just on the road to Medan, this nature and wild life reserve contains various monkey species […]