Lake Ranau is the second largest lake on Sumatra after Lake Toba. It was formed by a major earthquake and […]

The wood carving center in Palembang is located on Faqih Jalaluddin Street, near the Palembang Grand Mosque.  Dozens of showrooms, […]

The South Sumatra Museum consists of two smaller museums, Balaputera Dewa and Sriwijaya.  This museum is more popularly known as […]

Sembilang National Park is a natural coastal wet land area with various forest ecosystems of peat moss swamps, fresh water […]

Palembang on the Musi River : Heart of ancient Srivijaya Palembang, the second largest town on Sumatra after Medan, was once the […]

Palembang Grand Mosque is one of the inheritances of the Palembang Sultanate.  This mosque is known as the center of […]

One precious activity when visiting Palembang is taking a Musi River tour. This famous river is the longest in Sumatra […]

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