Tourism of Indonesia Palu is the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. The airplane terminal in Kendari is Mutiara Airport. The past […]

Tourism of Indonesia Kendari is the capital of South East Sulawesi Province This city has which is called Haluoleo Airport. […]

Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park comprises sub-montane rain forest, mangrove forest, coastal forest, savanna, and freshwater swamp forest ecosystems. The […]

Taka Bonerate National Park is home to the third biggest atoll in the world after Kwajifein in the Marshall Isles […]

Waruga are stone sarcophagi used by the Minahasa tribes to place their dead in a squatting position. The Waruga park […]

Wakatobi National Marine Park: the ”Underwater Nirwana” Now a National Marine Park covering the entire Waktobi District, it comprises a […]

People are Manado’s best asset. Manadonese are extroverts, warm and happy-go-lucky, drawing visitors naturally into the big family circle. Aptly, […]