Wain River Protected Forest

The Wain River protected forest occupied an area of 10.025 hectares. The forest is a combination of Dipterocarp forest, riverian, swamp and an approximately over 18.000 meters length of Wain River along with its mangroves. The protected forest has been the home for some world-endanger animals and plants such as: Orang Utan, Sun-Bear, Bekantan, Kantong Semar and the endemic plant of Balikpapan (Etlingera Balikpapanensis).

Choices of tracks which available are designed to suit visitors “adventure desire”. Crossing Borneo-swamp through wooden-bridge or having a boat ride along Wain River can be your choice. If you are lucky, be ready to meet our ‘residents’ Orang-utan, Sun-Bear or Bekantan, Right at their natural habitat!

Visiting Wain River Protected Forest is a great way to experience and taste the exotic of “Borneo” tropical forest.


Wain River Protected Forest is located in Balikpapan city.

Source: The Government of Balikpapan City